Blue Zone Healing in Costa Rica

Surround yourself with the healing powers of the Blue Zone

Immediately Release & Relax

The 917 Clinic is nestled in a Blue Zone on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica—one of only five in the world. The region lays claim to a proportionately higher population of healthier individuals, who live longer than average and consequently is one of the top five highest concentrations of centenarians. The link is clear: Environment directly impacts health and healing abilities.

Founding the 917 Clinic organically unfolded in Playa Flamingo on the Nicoya Peninsula, which naturally matches health beliefs, values, and lifestyles of Blue Zone traits. Inevitably, after arriving in this region, it’s unmistakable that this setting brings almost an immediate sense of release and relaxation.

Release and Relax in a blue zone
Temperate Climate 256x256 1

Enjoy Temperate Climate

Focus on your healing as year round warm weather creates a sense of ease in your body.

Nutritionally Rich Food 256x256 1

Eat Nutritionally Rich Foods

Support your body and  healing with organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods only available in the region. 

Stay Active Outdoors 256x256 1

Stay Active Outdoors

Enjoy a wide range of activities in the beautiful surroundings of Guanacaste, we offer something for everyone. 

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Discover your Self Purpose

Immerse yourself in a comfortable and healing environment to uncover your strong sense of purpose.

Integrative Wellness in the Blue Zone

When you come to 917 Clinic, you will be surrounded by a shared commitment and philosophy in balance with our Blue Zone: providing the best whole-body wellness care in a serene, calm, and healthy environment.

With the beach outside your doors and delicious, healthy food on your plate, the Nicoya region is the perfect place for anyone’s Integrative care wellness journey.

More about the Nicoya Blue Zone

While the five Blue Zones in the world do overlap in some shared traits, each does have its own combination of attributes that researchers believe benefits the residents of their respective areas.

Nicoya Blue Zone

Specifically, in our province of Guanacaste, traits are:

  • there are more amounts of nutrients in the water; 
  • individuals possess a strong sense of purpose, plan de vida
  • people maintain strong social networks and connections with family; 
  • residents typically nurture active lifestyles with sensible sun exposure; 
  • and just as importantly, local traditions minimize levels of stress, including a steady nutritional diet. 

With the beach outside your doors and sunny skies above you, the Nicoya region is the perfect place for anyone looking to heal and live healthier lives. Introduced as one of the five Blue Zones in the world in 2004, Nicoya’s diet, exercise, and community structure all contribute to the long life expectancy of people in the region. So when you’re here, you can’t help but follow the crowd and live like the locals.

It is with great respect that we celebrate and parallel this lifestyle that connects with our mission at 917 Clinic.

917 in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

At 917 Clinic, you’ll find comfortable and peaceful accommodations. Located in Playa Flamingo in the northern Guanacaste province of  the Nicoya Peninsula, our patients can relax with loved ones and entirely focus on their treatment and therapies.  

Whether you are traveling across town or the world, we built our facilities to take care of anyone wanting to take control of their health properly. With temperate weather year-round, easy access to outdoor activities, and superfoods galore, your path to wellness starts by contacting us.

917 Clinic in Blue Zone

Contact 917

At 917 Clinic, we are committed to providing integrative care to address your mental, physical, and spiritual health. We believe the healing powers of Costa Rica will further enhance your wellness journey. Our caring team of doctors and specialists is waiting to help you build the best plan for your journey. We’ll take care of you and your loved ones the same way we take care of ours.

Reach out, and we will be there.