Founded with love, focused on patients.

Founded with love

You Deserve Customized Care

At the 917 Clinic, we understand that everyone has their own health challenges, needs, and lifestyles. That’s why we do not believe in one-size-fits-all care. Whether seeking preventative, recovery, or care during illness, we believe integrative medicine —custom to each patient—facilitates a healthier, more balanced life and the opportunity for more successful outcomes.


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917 Clinic was founded to find solutions to give patients access to the best care without the challenge of figuring it out on their own.
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Our team of doctors and medical specialists are committed to the vision of providing customized care for our patients.
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We equipped our facilities to provide you with the best combination of conventional and integrative medicine.
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917’s Core Principles

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Engage mind, body, soul and community to facilitate whole-person care.

917 Custom Plan

Customize a combination of Eastern and Western evidence-based treatments for the patient’s optimal healing path.

Symbiotic Relationship

Create a symbiotic relationship between the patient, doctors, and specialists.

Healthy Lifestyle

Emphasis on prevention, health literacy, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Self Healing

Minimize reliance on pharmaceuticals, and support self-healing abilities through integrative tools and practices.

Our Mission

917 Clinic’s leading team of healthcare professionals and staff is devoted to patient care. Specifically, we are committed to improving and facilitating quality, effective, collaborative, and comprehensive care in a comfortable and healing environment.

Our mission is to give our patients the care and tools to take on and win the battle against current or future disease, and in turn learn to thrive—not just survive.

Our Story

When facing the toughest battle of your life, having people who understand what you’re going through can make all the difference. 

Vivacious, brave, and fearless, Chelsey Santry’s mother, Penelope Williams, was never one to back down. Even when Penelope was fighting for her life, she embodied those three words to the end.

Penelope Williams

The experience of watching her mother battle cancer in both Southern California and in her adopted home of Costa Rica gave Chelsey front-row seats to the severe lack of collaboration within the healthcare system. Determined to help others have better health and wellness options, Chelsey sought a way to deliver complete, compassionate, whole-person integrated medical care. 

And so the idea for the 917 Clinic was born. 

Founded in her mother’s memory, the 917 Clinic (September 17 in honor of Penelope’s birthday) takes patients’ health journeys personally. We believe the best care is collaborative and complete. Our doctors, medical professionals, and support staff work round the clock to help our patients look forward to better days.

Located in one of the most healing places in the world, on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, we help individuals and families gain access to customized wellness plans for full mind, body, and soul care.

Supportive Care

Focusing on your health journey can be overwhelming especially if you’re worried where you’ll stay, how to keep track of all your appointments, where to get a healthy meal, and even how you’ll get to your next treatment. Our complete list of premium care services allows you to focus on what is important, you. Relieve stress, see better results, and continue on your journey.

Letter From the Founder

I moved to Costa Rica permanently in November 2020 from California, where I had lived my entire life.

I had been coming to Costa Rica since 2002 to visit my mother, Penelope. Mom was my rock, my best friend, my confidant and my guiding light. I never made a move without her. I lost her to cancer in April 2021. She is the reason why I founded the 917 Clinic.

I was by her side throughout the trials and tribulations of fighting cancer, the ups and downs, the frustrations we felt having to choose eastern vs. western treatments. Why was this not a readily available option in the US or in Costa Rica? We often spoke about why people had to choose. Why couldn’t there be a place where both lived together and supported one another in harmony?

I founded 917 to give people hope. To give people a chance to truly heal from the inside out, and not just their physical body but mentally and emotionally as well. My life’s purpose is to help others, and I feel blessed that through my darkest moments I have been shown the light and can bring 917 healing to others. Mom wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Chelsey Santry, Founder & CEO

Chelsey Santry

Meet 917’s Doctors & Specialists

917 Clinic hosts an incredible team of progressive medical professionals and specialists committed to staying at the forefront of fighting disease. They are highly credentialed with years of experience and are committed to seeking out cutting edge methods to deliver patients complete care that blends conventional medicine along with complementary and alternative medicines (CAM).

Integrative & Nutritional Medicine Doctor

– Valeria Quesada Herrera, M.D.

Dr. Quesada is a doctor passionate about health and human behavior. She has had training and studies in different approaches, from conventional medicine such as Ayurvedic Medicine, and certifications in Integrative Nutrition and Brain Professional Coach, neurosciences and mindfulness. She is an active member of the Costa Rican Association of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Vale believes that the body is created to heal itself if we give it what it needs, and the first step to that is knowing how our mind and body work together. Her experience and analytical skills allow her to diagnose and create integrative treatment plans for patients based on their needs to be covered and their health goals to be achieved.

Nutritional Coach & Sound Healing Specialist

– Monica Carvajal

Monica is a creative soul and entrepreneur, that’s very passionate about health, conscious eating and the ability of the body to heal and thrive through how we connect to the food we eat and our environment. Deeply inspired by her own journey in self-healing throughout the years, she has explored and studied several different healing modalities, focusing on herbalism, ayurveda, and conscious eating. Her background in dietetics has been the foundation to explore nutrition and the relationship with food, how it affects us deeply in our relationship with life and with ourselves.

Integrative & Aeromedical Nurse

– Vanessa Varela, RN.

Vanessa has extensive experience in the integrative approach to the patient and in high-level care in risk situations. She is also certified as an aeromedical nurse. Her path has made her have a clinical eye that goes beyond the first meeting with the patient.

Clinical Psychologist

– Gabriela Mora Benavides, PsyD

Dr. Mora has vast experience in forensic and general clinical psychology. She has the immense ability and the expertise to conduct forensic and clinical evaluations and reports both at the subject and institutional level. Her open-mindedness and non-judgmental approach add to her outstanding ability to conduct psychodiagnostics examinations and to prepare concise reports detailing the findings and conclusions of her psychological analysis. A key step to create healing from the root.

Acupuncturist & Holistic Therapist

– Ruth López Alarcon, OMD

Ruth has been on the path of wellness for 30 years, which has taken her from studies from conventional medicine to Chinese medicine and meditation, to name a few. Ruth is an expert in creating an energetic balance on physical and mental well-being through acupuncture and other holistic therapies.

Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Therapist

– Isabella Karckzynska

With a Physical Education and Rehabilitation degree from the University Kazimierza Wielkiego, Isabella has always lived a consciously active life. She gained her yoga and Pilates certification from the Open Mind School in Poland in 2007 after discovering all their health benefits due a personal illness. Since then, she has started her passion for the practice with others to help them continue their wellness journeys.

Health Coaching & Physical Training

– Sarah Bright

Sarah has always been involved in physical activities such as trail running, ski racing, cycling and has competed in many organized races resulting in injuries—leading her to get certified in Stott Pilates and as a Trainer through CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology). She has worked as a trainer and physiotherapy assistant for over 12 years. Most recently Sarah received her health coach certification through the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy, maintaining her goal of helping others with her well-rounded expertise.

Sober Coach

– Jeff Donahue

After overcoming his own struggles with substance abuse, Jeff spent four years working in a treatment center and quickly developed a passion for helping others. He has since worked over 10 years with hundreds of individuals on their journey to recovery as a life coach certified in trauma. Jeff is an advocate for mental health and addiction recovery, believing that sobriety is possible for everyone.

A Home Away From Home in Flamingo

Sometimes it takes a change in scenery to get you on the path to better health. 917 Clinic is located in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone, in the town of Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste. Also known as Playa Blanca, Flamingo Beach is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Costa Rica. Conveniently located just 50 minutes from the Liberia International Airport (LIR), 917 is easily accessible for those traveling into the area to receive care. 

Need a place to relax after a long day of treatments? Want easy access to shops, restaurants, and even an international bank? Everything you need is available to make your stay as hospitable and comfortable as possible allowing you to focus completely on your health.

With plenty of sunshine, jungle, and eight sun-kissed beaches in the direct area, Playa Flamingo and its nearby sister town, Playa Potrero, are a sanctuary for anyone looking to focus on their health and well-being. 

No matter where you come from, we’ve set up our facilities to take care of anyone wanting to take control of their health.

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On-Campus Lab

Waiting for results can add to an already stressful situation. 917’s partner, Vidalab, is located next to our clinic so you don’t have to wait too long to get your test results back or move forward with your care plan.

Facilities Designed for Your Comfort

It’s never easy being a patient. That’s why we’ve equipped our clinic to best facilitate a comfortable and healing environment with flexible and collaborative care. 

We have three suites dedicated to patient care. Each with the latest tools, medical equipment and natural

  • Suite A has a comfortable seating area, a reception desk, a medical consultation room, and a vitamin infusion (IV) room.
  • Suite B houses our main reception area, our extensive collection of natural skincare and essential oils, a therapy and massage room.
  • Suite C is home to our Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Sound Healing space, designed for an intimate, one-on-one experience with our specialists. Our  917 Studio can accommodate up to six people, if a group session with loved ones is desired.

Non-toxic Products Available at 917

Our skin is a powerful yet often neglected organ. Our skin absorbs substances through the epidermis, glands, or hair follicles, allowing toxic chemicals to enter our bloodstream. With many studies linking cosmetics, fragrances, and even cleaning products to adverse health effects, it’s vital to pay attention to what’s inside a product. 

At 917 Clinic, we use and offer safe and healthier alternative products for your overall well-being.


From the cultivation of local indigenous ingredients to product formulation in their lab, Biosfera delivers international award winning skincare. Handmade using thermal spring water from Costa Rica’s Arenal volcano, their growing line of organic self-care products support a healthy lifestyle. Visit 917 to see the latest available products from Biosfera. 


Essential oils can help you on your wellness journey. However, not all essential oils on the market are created equal. That’s why we carry the doTerra at 917.  We want you to reap the full benefits that nature has to offer with the confidence that you’re choosing a product that’s safe for you and your family. Visit 917 to see the latest products from doTerra.

Contact 917

Whether you’re facing an unexpected diagnosis, a long-term illness, or the desire to improve your quality of life, we are here for you. 

We encourage you to reach out and set up an appointment to speak to one of our medical experts. From there, we’ll discuss your current health concerns and medical history and work together to create a treatment plan that allows you to thrive and live your best life. 

Take the first step to complete mind, body, and soul.